De Rust – Farmers Market

Candy of Housemartin Guest Lodge

We were blessed with a truly beautiful day for our monthly Farmers Market in De Rust. 

The initiative for this venture was taken by Candy White of Housemartin Guest Lodge and Plough Restaurant. Candy can be seen in action below preparing their delicious wood-fired pizzas. 

There was a large variety of produce available from freshly harvested spinach to seedlings. And of course my homemade chunky chilli relish. Home baked breads and farm butter alongside Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil from a local farmer. Pancakes with sugar and cinnamon, always a favourite, drew the folk to the table selling delicious raw honey… good marketing tactic  

Sarah and Hannah, our two daughters, spent Friday evening making and packaging popcorn. I made them trays to hang from their necks. They were so excited… their first business venture. By mid morning they had sold all their popcorn and made a good profit after paying mom for the ingredients. Well, they have to learn the right way from the start don’t they? Anyway they can’t wait for the market next month. 

The was a busload of tourists, staying at the excellent accommodation at Housemartin, who also join in the festivities after breakfast at the Plough Restaurant. 

The next De Rust Farmers Market will be held on Saturday 5th November 2011. If you are in the neighbourhood then come and join us, and if you would like to sell your produce contact Candy at 044 241 2214. There is NO CHARGE to participate! 

See you there, 


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