Badih Chabaan turns Oudtshoorn on its head

Media Statement 

Office of the President
National People’s Party
Alderman Badih Chaaban

26 July 2011


No embargo 

Political realignment 

Continuing reports of maladministration in ANC cadre staffed municipalities and recent events in Bitou and Oudtshoorn where the ANC were instrumental in either disrupting legally constituted Council meetings, or condoning like disruptions, coupled with undertakings by the ANC that were slow to evolve and ultimately came to nothing, the National Executive Council of the National People’s Party decided to terminate all formal ties with the ANC forthwith. 

The effect of this decision is that the NPP will support the Democratic Alliance in Councils where the NPP is represented. 

The NEC decision represents the NPP’s irrevocable commitment to clean and transparent governance and is to be seen as a declaration of war on fraud, corruption, nepotism, theft, cadre deployment and maladministration in municipalities. 

To this end the NPP makes no demands, yet trusts to the political probity of like-minded political parties and groupings to reciprocate and accept the NPP’s integrity in the spirit that actuated the NEC’s decision. 

The most critical and immediate impact of the NEC’s decision will be a change of government in Oudtshoorn where the NPP will use its balance of power to ensure a DA majority. 

The NPP recognises the initiative of a core group of Oudtshoorn business and professional leaders that proposed a best-fit political solution for Oudtshoorn on the widest possible front, outside thegenerally accepted, narrow, party-aligned approach, and in line with civic demand. The concerned citizens of Oudtshoorn and the NPP have elected to place Oudtshoorn above party politics. This fresh approach augurs a restoration of Oudtshoorn to greatness. 

The NPP is looking forward to support and assist the Special Investigative Unit in its investigation in Oudtshoorn and will do everything in its power to rid Oudtshoorn of despicable administrative practices by thieving and corrupt cadre appointed officials and to restore the municipality to robust administration.

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