Infrastructure Investment to upgrade the Port of Mossel Bay’s Recreational Area

[Mossel Bay, South Africa, 14 April 2021] The Port of Mossel Bay will soon have a newly resurfaced road and parking spaces between Port Entrance number 1 and the Mossel Bay Yacht and Boat Club premises, an area known as the recreational area where restaurants and other tourist attractions are located.

This R12.7million capital investment falls in line with the provisions of the National Ports Act 2005, which mandates Transnet National Ports Authority (TNPA) as the owner, manager, controller, and administrator of ports to ensure the Port’s efficient and economic functioning, through planning, providing, maintaining and improving port infrastructure.

Project timeframes:

The aging state of the road has seen various maintenance repairs over the years; however, the pavement has reached a state of disrepair that necessitates a major road upgrade. The site establishment commenced in January 2021 and the construction is planned for completion before December 2021 festive season.

Mossel Bay Port Manager, Shadrack Tshikalange said “Customer satisfaction and the improvement of port facilities forms part of TNPA’s core functions and as one of the key role players in the port system, the Port of Mossel Bay aims to ensure that we provide the best service to our customers, port visitors and stakeholders. The intention is to resurface the area and formalize the parking space, which will lead to attracting and catering for an increased number of Port visitors. The large number of people who visit the port during the year and holiday season will have a much better experience as compared to the previous years.”

Envisioned outcomes of the project:

  • Enhanced Recreational Area image.
  • Port-City integration, highlighting the city as a tourist destination of choice.
  • Amplified formal parking for both visitors, stakeholders and port tenants. A total of 115 vehicle parking bays will be created and customer and visitor experience will be improved.
  • Formal naming of the street upon the completion of the project.

Contribution to Tourism:

Following the devastating COVID-19 impact on the Tourism Sector, the enhancement and beautification of the area will provide the port city of Mossel Bay with an opportunity to amplify its efforts to market the region as a tourist destination of choice, this will lead to an increased tourist footprint, not only in the Port of Mossel Bay but within the Garden Route district. The Port is committed to providing all the assistance required to put our beautiful city back at the top of South Africa’s tourism destinations of choice.

Other services to be upgraded:

The existing sewer system in the port has also been experiencing an increased amount of pressure over the years due to the increasing number of local visitors and tourists, especially during the holiday season. In order to ensure that favourable visitor experience is created and maintained during the busiest time of the year, port management decided to include the upgrade of the sewer system as part of this project.

Port Engineer, Gert Ludick added “The commencement of the project gives us great joy. The planning of the project has been quite extensive and involved various departmental representatives in the port in order to ensure that it runs smoothly, and we will try our best to ensure that it adheres to the set timeframes. Our number one priority is to ensure that the port is not only regarded as one of the country’s top tourist destinations of choice but also as a great contributor to the growth of the economy. This can only be achieved by improving port infrastructure, customer excellence, and creating the best visitor experience in the port.”

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