Celebrate your womanhood: Are you a car without an engine

A woman without grooming, deportment, and etiquette is like a car without an engine.

Are you one of those engineless cars? Then you need to join the team at Seesig Motors in Mossel Bay on Saturday 17 August at 10:00 to find out how you can become a real show stopper and a full-bodied car with a perfect engine.

Chantel Whitthun, Mrs Cape Town 2013 and owner of La Femmetique is a fashion stylist, image consultant and finishing school/modelling coach with a passion to educate, train and transform women and men’s lives into works of art and to help them become all they desire to be.

Chantel believes that the most important asset you have is not your face or figure but the way you move, talk, eat and dress – you need to be a complete package that is well wrapped and well presented – no chipped nails, dirty hair or any other off-putting features.

“It is all about graciousness and quality to make others feel at ease. Manners are the framework upon which charm is built, compassion and love is an invisible part of charm and beauty, both which can make a plain person very appealing,” says Chantel.

According to Chantel charismatic charm can dissolve a multitude of physical imperfections and add confidence. “You are beautiful if it is marked with simplicity it is like a diamond you recognize when you see if,” she added.

She has trained with both local and international facilitators and mentors and has worked on a variety of platforms within the fashion industry: behind as well as in front of the cameras.

As Mrs Cape Town 2013 she had the opportunity to share the stage as a speaker and MC with many top South African celebrities. She has even dressing ex-Premier Helen Zille as a stylist and establishing herself within the fashion industry.

Come and see how Chantel can transform a member of the audience to be the best she can be.

Entertainment and refreshments form part of the programme.

Entrance is a packet (or two or three) of sanitary pads that will be donated to Project Dignity.

For details call Denise on 044 695 213 or 084 444 5873. Please RSVP for catering purposes.

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