Jesua Consultants cleared of wrongdoing



Jesua Consultants  was disturbed to hear the unfounded allegations made against it by employee(s) of a prominent mine in the Northern Cape during June 2013.

Allegation: That learners received “certificates” without attending courses and submitting PoE

We were requested by the SETA to present “evidence” in the form of Portfolios, Identity Documents, Attendance Registers and Feedback Forms for a cohort of 18 learners. The so called “accuser(s)” were concealed in this cohort.

Fact: We supplied all the above documents to the SETA
Fact: We requested the names of the so called learner(s) that did not “attend”
Fact: When we approached learners in the cohort they denied making any such accusations.

Through the above it is clear that Jesua Consultants is governed by an ethical framework, as well as an administrative supportive structure for its work.  We are firm believers in upholding quality and integrity throughout any and all of our processes.  The accolades listed serves as proof:

>      2009 merSETA Voucher Implementation Project: One of the Top 20 National Training Providers
>      2011 George Business Chamber: Business Person of the Year: Finalist
>      2012 George Business Chamber: Business Person of the Year: Finalist
>      2013 George Business Chamber: Business Person of the Year: 1st Runner Up
>      2013 Mossel Bay Business Chamber: Business of the Year – “B” Category: Finalist

Jesua Consultants respects the role of SETA’s, employers and employees and works closely and co-operatively to help them in achieving their dreams and targets, setting up business for growth.

Regrettably we had to learn that these allegations were made so as to secure contracts for other providers that had personal relationships with the so called “complainant(s)”.

Jesua is pleased that the SETA investigated these allegations and has concluded that those allegations are without substance and that they consider the matter now satisfactorily closed.

Be assured that Jesua is fully committed to stamping out misconduct, of any type, and any improper behaviour will not be tolerated and will be dealt with to the full extent of internal disciplinary procedures and criminal law.

Thus, we are back to “business as usual” and invite all to contact us to join hands.

Jesua Consultants (Pty) Ltd
+27 (0)44 695 0003

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