Mossel Bay is rocking!

Although it may be too early to tell, all indications point to an excellent summer season for Mossel Bay.

“The visitors are here in their numbers,” said Mossel Bay Tourism’s Marcia Holm, “and our members seem to have very little accommodation available.”

She said that she wasn’t surprised that the town has become one of South Africa’s most popular holiday destinations. “It’s due to three things: firstly, Mossel Bay is an incredibly scenic destination that enjoys excellent weather throughout the year; secondly, it’s probably the only place on the coast where anyone can find seafront accommodation – no matter how big or small their budgets may be; and thirdly (and probably most importantly), it offers an almost unequalled variety of attractions and things to do.”

Since it boasts more than 60 km of sand – and the clean waters of the Indian Ocean – Ms. Holm said that its beaches are Mossel Bay’s biggest attractions.

“But, important as it may be, a visit to Mossel Bay isn’t only about the beach: this town is particularly rich in culture, and it’s blessed with unusual and fragile mountain, fynbos and coastal environments which are still very well preserved.”

She said that Mossel Bay Tourism has published a ‘Things To Do’ brochure to make it easy for visitors to find the attractions they like – and to plan their holidays around them.

“The brochure is colour coded to a map to provide the user with an easy way of seeing which activities occur in which areas of the town and its surroundings.

“To get the full Mossel Bay experience, you need to explore the Outeniqua Mountains, go mountain biking in the fynbos, skydiving in one of the most beautiful drop zones in the country, diving with great white sharks, scuba diving on our reefs, or sailing in search of a sighting of whales or our resident dolphins.

“You also need to visit the Cape St. Blaize Cave – to learn about our earliest ancestors; you need to board the caravel in the Maritime Museum of the Dias Museum Complex to see how Bartolomeu Dias and his men would have lived during their voyages of discovery in the 1480s; and you need to visit the ATKV-Hartenbos Museum of the Great Trek to see how the forefathers of the Afrikaans nation moved northwards in the mid 1800s.

“You’ll need to enjoy some theatre, some shopping, some golf and – especially if you’re a mom – some pampering at one of our professional spas or beauty salons.

“And, if you’re a child (either a little one or a grown up one), you’ll need to spend time watching Africa’s fascinating wildlife in our various game and nature reserves,” she said.

“And then, of course, when you’re quite exhausted – you’ll need to go back to the beach for some well deserved rest.

“Mossel Bay has so much to offer both in season and throughout the year – which is exactly why we call it South Africa’s ‘Do Stuff’ destination,” said Mrs. Holm

Collect a print copy of Mossel Bay’s Things To Do brochure from Mossel Bay Tourism (corner of Church and Market Streets, opposite the entrance to the Dias Museum Complex), or download an e-copy here.

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