Municipality out in force for Mandela Day

Personnel of the Human Resources and Legal Services Departments in Herbertsdale with Ms Alida Mono (centre). Sitting in front are Heleine Potgieter (Legal Services, with child on lap) (left) and Gerda Meiring (Human Resources). At the back are Tete Magxidolo, Faith Naude en Lesley Gwells (all Human Resources).

Town Councillors and personnel of the Mossel Bay Municipality were out in force to honour President Nelson Mandela on the occasion of his birthday on 18 July 2011 and the preceding two weeks by performing acts of goodwill for 67 minutes in the local community. 

From the Executive Mayor, Alderlady Marie Ferreira, to clerks andgeneralworkers delved in their pockets and gave of their time to honour former President Mandela in the way which he requested. 

The Municipality’s involvement started on the Madiba Mondays on 4 July and 11 July and peaked with visits and activities by Councillors and personnel to various locations and institutions in theMosselBaydistrict on Monday. 

As part of the celebrations the Executive Mayor, members of the Mayoral Committee and the Municipal Manager, Dr Michele Gratz, attended the Golden Games for the aged and disabled people at the D’Almeida Stadium on Friday, 15 July 2011. The Mayor opened the event and Councillors and the Municipal Manager also participated in some of the events. 

The various Directorates could decide how they wanted to spend their 67 minutes and most of them collected food, toys, toiletries and other treats which they distributed amongst the elderly, disabled, poor and at crèches throughout the municipal district. 

The Human Resources and Legal Services Departments collected ten bags of groceries and four boxes of clothes which they took to Herbertsdale and distributed to needy families.  Members of the Socio-Economic Department visited theMosselBayProvincialHospitalto play with small children in the children’s ward. 

Personnel of the Directorate of Development and Planning put together “care packages” containing inter alia toiletries for  women and sweets, chips, crayons and colouring books for children and visited the Creative Effective Families Community Development Project in D’Almeida where they handed the packages out to abused women and their children at the centre. They also treated them to a braai. 

The Executive Mayor, Mayoral Committee members, the Municipal Manager and her Personal Assistant spent some time at the Smartie Box Kidz Centre in Hartenbos for children who cannot enter mainstream education due to physical, emotional or neurological disabilities or conditions such as Asperger or Tourette syndrome. They took along sweets for the children and collected money amongst themselves to donate to the centre to purchase equipment. 

The various Sub-Directorates of Finance Directorate had activities on 4 July, 11 July and 18 July 2011. These included handing out sweets and colouring books and crayons at crèches, donating cookies, cooldrinks, chips and face cloths to three aged persons, supplying soup and sandwiches to homeless people and giving packets of sweets to the childrens at a school for disabled people. 

KwaNonqaba library personnel invited children from poor background over and made soup for them, while personnel in the Parks and Cleansing Departments each donated R30, which was donated to the Baby Care crèche inAslaPark. They also made soup for 100 children as well as gave chips and sweets to the children. 

Personnel of the Technical Services Directorate visited the Sinethemba Educare Centre inJoeSlovoVillagewhere they handed out packets of sweets, oranges, bananas and chips to the children and sang with them. The extra packets, fruit and chips were given to small children in the streets ofJoeSlovoVillage.

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