Minister Mitchell joins SANTACO to raise safety awareness in Knysna

As part of a continued drive to raise safety and health awareness in public transport, I joined the leadership of SANTACO Western Cape for the distribution of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) at the Knysna Taxi Rank.

The event is in support of SANTACO Western Cape’s compliance initiative to assist taxi drivers and commuters with face masks and hand sanitisers.

This support is critical during the Covid-19 pandemic especially in the transport sector where daily congregation of commuters is the norm.

The minibus taxi industry is the predominant form of public transport in the Western Cape, transporting over 70% of passengers daily.

The government urges that industry participants and passengers comply with Covid-19 requirements of wearing facemasks and sanitizing all passengers.

The Western Cape Government has been and continues to be dedicated to managing the spread of Covid-19; including through close monitoring of public transport, personal protective equipment support for public transport during the first months of the pandemic, and through the Red Dot Taxi Service which has been a dedicated service to respond to specific transport needs arising from Covid-19.

While in Knysna, I reminded drivers about passenger limits – 100% of licensed carrying capacity for journeys shorter than 200 km, and 70% of carrying capacity for journeys of more than 200 km.

I also encouraged travellers to insist that the windows of public transport vehicles are always at least 5 cm open on both sides of the vehicle and to ensure that that all occupants wear a mask over noses and mouths, sanitise regularly  and stay off the road during the curfew hours of 21:00 and 04:00.

Today’s donation is testimony to the fact that we can work together and combine our efforts to flatten the curve and save lives.

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