The Greater Knysna Business Chamber: Statement 12 June 2020

  1. GKBC notes the developments in Council (11 June 2020) and the new appointments of Mr Ricky van Aswegen as Executive Mayor and Dr Louis Scheepers as Acting Municipal Manager
  2. GKBC notes its appreciation for the work Dr Gratz undertook during her brief period as Acting Municipal Manager
  3. GKBC notes that the Annual Budget (MTREF) was not approved in yesterday’s meeting. Some amendments are required and we trust it will be tabled and approved next week
  4. GKBC supports the resolution passed by council that the investigation into Dr Vatala (current Municipal Manager), be concluded as quickly as possible and the findings released to the public within the next two months
  5. After a meeting between nominated GKBC board members and the acting MM, (Dr M. Gratz) and CFO (Mr M. Memani) on Wednesday 10 June 2020, it is clear that despite some recent controls being implemented, liquidity is strained due tounder recovery / overspending & poor governance
  6. GKBC understands that a forensic audit on the Knysna Municipality was undertaken by Mr Graham Paulse’s office (Western Cape Department: Local Government). We ask Province to inform us on what led to this investigation, when it was undertaken and for the findings to be released as soon as the audit has been concluded
  7. GKBC understands that a performance management “diagnostic” evaluation was undertaken by Mr Graham Paulse’s office (Western Cape Department: Local Government). We ask for results of this evaluation to be made public as soon as the evaluation report has been concluded
  8. GKBC calls for all allegations against all municipal officials to be investigated and for swift action to be taken against those found to have acted unlawfully or who are guilty of fruitless and wasteful expenditure
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