Greater Knysna Business Chamber: Letter to Acting Municipal Manager

Dear members

To say that these are challenging times is an understatement and we appreciate that your concerns and focus right now is on your own families safety due to the Covid-19 pandemic and trying to keep things together for your business, staff and their dependants.  

Our interests as the chamber are to improve and support not only business and industry in our town,  but also local government in order to ensure that we have good, sustainable and economic growth.  

Two months ago we were jolted out of our day to day lives and quite suddenly flung into lockdown, the Knysna Business Chamber board of directors decided that we would put our energy and support behind our local business owners that were struggling, with a few generous donations and fund raising initiatives we were able to provide food parcels to numerous applicants as an effort to ease the suffering of those that would not qualify for support or food aid from other programmes and feeding schemes.  We will continue to support business owners with food parcels with the focus on businesses that are still not allowed to operate under the level 3 regulations, – ie Hairdressers and the beauty industry, hospitality and tourism operators.  (information and details of this on our Facebook page – )

As a resident of the Greater Knysna area, you have no doubt been following the news from the Knysna Municipality following the council meeting and subsequent resignations of our MM, CFO and a Councillor,  The chamber wishes to assure you that the board directors immediately sent Dr Gratz an email of support for her,  and requested that she considers staying on as the acting municipal manager -or in the instance that the Knysna Municipality is placed under administration (should that be the decision that is made by Province though discussions that they are holding with the ANC ) that we will then support Dr Gratz as the preferred administrator.  

Be assured that our board continues to meet and work behind the scenes, we are determined to continue to grow as an organisation but can only do this with the broader business community coming together, it is about strength in numbers, mentoring and building each other up!

We encourage you to communicate with us should you have any questions, suggestions and ideas that you wish to address, you are most welcome to email us on

and remember: 

If you think you are too small to make a difference, you haven’t spent a night with a mosquito…….. African Proverb.

Click below to read the letter to Dr Gratz


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