New Municipal Planning Tribunal for Knysna

Following all relevant procedures and according to relevant legislation, Council by majority vote appointed the new Knysna Municipality Planning Tribunal (KMPT). The new KMPT consists of:

External members

  • Ludolph Gericke (Chairperson, town planner and non-practising attorney);
  • Daniel Lambrechts (town planner); and
  • Neale Perring (civil engineer).
  • A fourth member will be appointed in due course to fulfil Council’s equal opportunity policy.

Messrs Gericke and Lambrechts are current members of the tribunal and have delivered excellent services thus far, while Mr Perring has many years’ experience within the municipality.

Internal members:

  • Nonhlanhla Mndebela (Deputy Chairperson, Knysna Municipality Head: Property Management);
  • Charles Chordnum (Knysna Municipality Integrated Development Plan Manager);
  • Pamela Booth (Knysna Municipality Environmental Officer); and
  • Lindile Petuna (Knysna Municipality Manager: Housing and qualified town planner).

Ms Booth and Mr Petuna are also members of the current tribunal and brings with them a wealth of local government experience and expertise.

The tribunal must consist of at least two members who are not municipal councillors or employees and at least three who are in the full-time service of the municipality. One of these members must be a registered town planner, and all members must have knowledge and experience in any of the disciplines relating to spatial planning, land use management, land development or the law related thereto.

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