Redevelopment of Grey Street is about to kick-off

The much-anticipated upgrade of Grey Street in Knysna’s central business district is about to begin.

Municipal Manager, Dr. Sitembele Vatala, said an amount of R17 million has been allocated for the reconstruction of Grey Street. “This includes the replacement of the old water pipeline, the total rebuilding of the road, parking and beautification. The project is funded from the Municipal Infrastructure Grant (MIG) allocation for the 2019/20 financial year.”

Vatala said construction work will start during the first week of February 2020 with expected completion in April 2021. “Work will commence with the installation of an above-ground temporary water pipeline before construction on the road will commence. This will diminish the impact on services to Grey Street property owners and tenants. Phase 2 will be the reconstruction of the road which will be done in blocks, continuing north until it reaches the Main Road. The first block will be between Waterfront Drive and Gordon Street.”

Construction on Grey Street will be suspended during Easter, the Knysna Oyster Festival and December school holidays. This action puts residents and visitors first to help them get where they need to go as quickly as possible during these holidays. The construction suspension is in keeping with the project ethos, which prioritises the convenience of all stakeholders, minimise traffic congestion, and travel delays during roadwork.

A project manager will be onsite throughout the project to ease communication between the contractor, residents and the business owners. “We hope that this will improve communication between all parties and help to e.g. facilitate logistics, like deliveries, ultimately ensuring a smooth-running project.”

The municipality’s Grey Street Project is an integral part of the Knysna Municipality’s Central Business District Renewal Programme (CBDRP). The goal of the CBDRP at large is to build, restore, renew and enhance the central business district. “I know that work on the project may cause some frustration and inconvenience, but keep in mind that the end product will be an attractive, inclusive space for our residents”, Vatala concluded.

The tender to carry out the project has been awarded to experienced joint venture Mapitsi Civil Works and IE Piping. The Project Manager, Mr Aubrey Tlhale, can be reached on 081 785 0526 or Alternatively enquires can be directed to the municipality’s Shaun Maree at 044 302 6309 or

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