Visit Knysna – Tourism Month initiative: Opportunity to contribute

September is Tourism Month and we at Visit Knysna have an exciting treasure-hunt type discovery initiative that we would like to invite you to be a part of.

The idea of this is to encourage our locals and visitors to Discover our World by following clues and visiting specified locations around the Greater Knysna area.

The process will be as follows:

  • Participants will collect a clue card from the Visit Knysna office 40 Main Road, Knysna, Fijnbosch Coffee Shop in Sedgefield or download from our website
  • Each card will display 18 pictures with (semi-cryptic) clues
  • These each lead to a specific location in the Greater Knysna area that participants need to find
  • Once at a location, participants need to take a ‘selfie’ incorporating the item or element shown in the picture
  • Post that photo online, utilizing the tags and handles that will be specified for this tourism month initiative in order to qualify.
  • At least 10 of the 18 locations on a card need to be visited in order to qualify for lucky draw hampers of local products that will be drawn on Friday, 27 September 2019, this being World Tourism Day.

We would like to invite products, restaurants, activities, attractions, and offerings in the Greater Knysna area to contribute by offering one or both of the following:

  1. To all “discoverers” that could be visiting your facility:
    • Discount or special offering
  2. A once-off “prize” (can also do multiple, but not for every “discoverer”):
    • Prize, hamper, bigger special / discount
    • This / these winners will be decided by you, the product, on a date specified by the Visit Knysna office, to ensure equal spread of prizes throughout the month.

We would also encourage all participating and contributing products to display your business social media handles outside your premise in order for the “discoverers” to tag you alongside the Visit Knysna and the tourism month handles.

If you wish to contribute to the above, please click & respond by 12h00 on Wednesday, 7 August 2019 to the following:

I have an offering

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