Youth Desk calls on Greater Knysna youth for input

The Knysna Municipal Youth Desk in partnership with the Youth Council will be  hosting a Skills Development Summit and calls on the youth of Greater Knysna to participate and give input by 30 June 2019.

All Youth (16 – 35 years) within the Greater Knysna area are encouraged to give their input on ideas on training needs and skills development. 

Community Services chairperson Councillor Salaze said, “For the youth to succeed in the midst of the Fourth Industrial Revolution a new approach at skills is needed. The Skills Development Summit will take a different approach when comes to skills development. It will incorporate developing skills, creating jobs and growing the local economy.

“For this to be a success and be beneficial to our youth we need your input. Think of a skill you need to start that business idea you have always wanted to do, think of an industry that you would love to work in tell us what skills development do you require so we can tailor make this programme for your needs.”

All suggestions on training and skills needs must be in writing and sent to  or dropped off at your nearest Youth Desk.

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