Contamination at Waste Water Treatment Works cause for concern

The chemical contamination at the Wastewater Treatment Works has not decreased since it was picked up in February and this is a cause for concern.

Our engineers are monitoring the situation closely and the readings are showing that the levels of oil and grease in the system are at a record high. The normal readings are usually between 1 and 10 mg/L and over the last few weeks, readings of up to 836 mg/L were recorded. These types of chemicals kill the good bacteria introduced to balance the e. Coli levels in the water before it is released and as a result of the above, the latter has increased significantly.

The Director: Technical Services said they will grow an enzyme with the ability to decompose the chemicals in the water at the Waste Water Works, and that should reset the balance. “This will take time though, but our engineers are taking readings at the individual pump stations to see if they can pinpoint the area where the system is contaminated. With our partners, the Garden Route District Municipality and SANParks, we are also monitoring the e.Coli levels in the estuary. The latest reading results will be available later this week and that will inform our plans going forward.”

It is of the utmost importance that we find the source of contamination, and fast.

We call on the public to report anything suspicious on 044 302 6331 or 6332.  This is a punishable act by law and if we find the culprit, or culprits, we will certainly take action and let the law takes its course.

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