Knysna Hospitality and Tourism Ambassador Course

This course is aimed at staff employed in shops, hotels, petrol stations, restaurants etc and will be a four day course run from 25 – 28 February 2019 – 08:30 to 15:30.

The following subjects will be covered:

  1. The Travel and Tourism Industry in general
  2. South African Food Heritage, with an emphasis on local foods and dishes.
  3. General knowledge such as animals and birds in the area.
  4. Garden Route attractions, natural, man made and cultural.
  5. Knysna Attractions
  6. Knysna Festivals
  7. Knysna Restaurants, location and types of food
  8. Knysna hotels and accommodation establishments, location, price bracket and types of accommodation
  9. Customer Service


  1. We will take a maximum of 14 students for the course, and they will be required to pass a written and verbal test. 
  2. The interviews will take place on 08th February at Knysna Library at 10.00, and the course will be run at the Library from 25-28 February from 08.30 to 15.30. 
  3. A light lunch will be provided on course days
  4. On the 28th February, the students will be taken on a tour of some of the attractions.
  5. The trainees should already be employed.
  6. Trainees will not receive a salary for being an ambassador, but they may receive tips from the visitors.
  7. The students will be required to write a short test on completion of the course in order to receive a certificate from the Francois Ferreira Academy.

The certificate will have the logo for the Knysna municipality on it, as well as SKAL The students will also be required to do a refresher 1 day course every 6 months to keep them up to date with any changes, new attractions etc. The one day course will cost R300.
The idea is to roll out this course across the Garden Route, and to have a different logo and badge made for each municipality.
This is a great way to promote tourism on the Garden Route! The benefits are obvious:

  • Increased tourism to the Garden Route
  • Motivated ambassadors, who could use their training to get better jobs at higher salaries
  • Job creation in the tourism sector
  • Gives the ambassadors a sense of pride in wearing their badge
  • Tourists will be able to easily identify the tourism ambassadors

For more information and applications please contact Thandeka Diamond on 044 884 0765 or

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