Lucinda Mudge Ceramic Exhibition November 2013

Lucinda Mudge We Are All Connected Slip Decorated Ceramic Vase 57cm high
Lucinda Mudge
We Are All Connected
Slip Decorated Ceramic Vase
57cm high

The White Tiger and Other Stories

An Exhibition of Vases by


8 – 30 November 2013, Knysna Fine Art, Knysna, South Africa.

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‘A gorgeous new exhibition of vases by witty and wise artist Lucinda Mudge. ‘The White Tiger and Other Stories’ is on at Knysna Fine Art from November 8 – 30. If you are going to be in the area add it to your diary. Or to view the exhibition online visit’ Sunday Times. 27/10/2013


Some time ago I suggested to Lucinda Mudge that she consider making a series of large vases. This utterly ravishing exhibition is the result of my casual remark and many months of exceedingly hard work by one of our most talented young artists.

I recently learned that the Germans have a word, “Porzellankrankheit,” which is the name for a recognised mental condition – the mania for collecting ceramics, and looking at Lucinda Mudge’s work I can see how one can be afflicted, and in my case certainly, it is a terminal condition.

These are really beautiful pots – rich, lush and completely feminine. They are by turns gentle, loving, sly and very witty and one cannot look at them with indifference.

Trent Read


Lucinda Mudge grew up in the Knysna area. After a Fine Arts degree at the University of Cape Town (2000) she spent time in England before returning to South Africa to settle outside PlettenbergBay in 2010. Working alone, with little external influence, mixing her own stains and glazes, has enabled her to develop a ceramic technique that is uniquely her own.

The White Tiger and Other Stories is her second solo exhibition and for the first time she shows a series of vases. The vases are hand coiled, a traditional technique, which after three firings results in a visually and texturally rich surface.

Rich in references to the decorativearts and art historical sources her vasesare covered with line drawings and script inspired by the daily press as well as her sharp observations of the world around her. Her studio is filled with her sketch books and ceramic reference books and together these form the inspiration for her work.

This collection of 22 vases is themedaround the interaction between the worlds of the ‘have’s and the have nots’. They are a satirical study of the way that the financially privileged discuss our country’s problems. The vase as a canvas has it’s own language,

a presence that is genuinely welcoming and friendly, an object that sits well in the home. These vases offer a reminder of the fragility of the human spirit and the tensions that are formed by our everyday actions.

The process is timely, unpredictable and unforgiving – the result always surprising.

Lucinda Mudge

Landline (preferred): 087 738 1233
cell: 084 073 0763
P.O BOX 716,

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