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SRC Camp 2011

The SRC embarked on their annual overnight camp on the 4th of November.  After getting a bit lost along the way we finally reached our destination, being the magnificent Teniqua Treetops, which is a tented tree house resort offering eco accommodation situated on the foothills of the Outeniqua mountains. 

After settling in, our planned hike was rained out so we got straight into the meetings.  It is quite possible the SRC of 2011/2012 has set a new record for SRC internal meetings as the duration of ours went on for 3 hours.  There was vigorous debate, creative and logical thinking, innovative ideas and great conclusions made.  Out of the many things discussed one of them being the SRC projects of the year were decided on such as termly coke races, the much anticipated SRC Beach Day and an Anything That Floats event.  After the meeting the SRC, Mr Kidwell, Viv and Robyn Patz (the generous owners of Teniqua Treetops) and Mr Botha all sat down and had a braai with yet again some wonderful intelligent conversation.  For dessert there was some heated ping pong competitions and Foozball matches. 

The next morning it went straight into meetings starting off with a thought provoking session with Mr Kidwell.  The camp was great as it allowed the relatively new SRC time to bond and to really have some long needed meetings.  All in all it was a wondeful, productive camp and I truly believe this year the SRC are going to have a very successful year. 

Lulu Read

SRC President

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