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Diver’s Night 

My Dad and I participated in the 7th annual Diver’s Night on Thursday, 3rd November 2011. We entered the water at 20h11 from the Beacon Island Hotel and did our dive over “Red Bait Reef”.

It is a shallow dive, but very interesting. We were underwater for almost 40 minutes. Most juvenile creatures awaken at night and we saw young octopi and a variety of fish. The bioluminescence is incredible at the moment and by just slightly moving our fins the water sparkled with blue light! 

The purpose of Diver’s Night is to promote the sport of scuba diving and to have the opportunity to show the world what a great hobby/sport it is to discover the underwater world.

The idea originated inNorwayin 2005 and has been held annually since then. This year they were hoping to set a world record and to get 3000 divers in the water simultaneously. 

Reporter: Andrew Vedder

Grade 8 – Oakhill 

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Oakhill Mountail Bikers Do It Again! 

On Saturday 5 November a new MTB event was launched at Pezula’s, Field of Dreams. The Knysna MTB Forest Relay is not your typical MTB race; it’s a 4 hour relay race, where teams of 2 riders complete laps around a 5km course through the forest. The team completing the most laps within this 4 hour period would be the winners. A handful of Oakhill racers and parents joined forces to compete in this exciting event. 

Jason Campbell and Ben Giliomee came 2nd in the category for Junior Boys, completing 16 laps.

Nicola Giliomee and Brandon Willcocks won the Mixed Junior category, completing 17 laps.

Brandon Willcocks also recorded the fastest lap for the day. He tore the course apart!

Amy Williams and her Dad, Mike Williams, won the Mixed Open category, completing 12 laps.

In the Open Men’s category Alex Fulford and his Dad, Ashley Fulford, were in 4th position, completing 16 laps and

Dru Fosbrook and Riaan van Straten were in 5th position, completing 15 laps.

Congratulations to all the riders who participated and a special thank you to the parents who joined us on Saturday. There are still a number of adventure sport events scheduled for November and December and with Oakhill adventure racers in top form, we look forward to ending 2011 on a high, with more great results. 

Photos here

Oakhill 2011 Matric Art Exhibition 

The only thing wrong with the Oakhill 2011 Matric Art Exhibition was that it was up for only three days. 

The nine art students produced a vast number of paintings, drawings, sculptures, collages, videos and installations – the latter included an upside-down desk suspended from the ceiling. 

Exploring the concept of a stranger in the village, the work gave insight into the views and emotions of teenagers on the cusp of post-school freedom. The artists examined themes of isolation and belonging, vulnerability, frustration – and fear of marriage, birds and maths. 

Mitchell Sohn was awarded the Pierre Dingley award for the highest art practical mark, and Jessica Kilian received the Trent Read trophy for passion and commitment to art. 

Opening the exhibition, Knysna gallery owner and art dealer Trent Read said it was statistically impossible for a school’s art students to produce above-average work year after year. That Oakhill had achieved this yet again was a tribute to its art teacher, Amy Nuttall. 

Jo Thesen 

There were faces, familiar and unfamiliar, Oakhill past and Oakhill present and what a privilege to share the talents of Oakhill’s artists with those who came to look.

I stepped into the exhibiting space eager for yet another Oakhill art experience and two and a half hours later, I stepped out exhilarated and charged and with a deep sense of pride at the quality of the exhibits of the 2011 Matric art students. 

Seeing is believing! 

I marvelled at the magnitude of talent as I wandered from room to room. I wondered at their creativity, their individuality, their diligence, hours and hours of passionate workmanship.

There is no doubt that there is an abundance of joy and creation in the Studio at Oakhill. One only has to step across the threshold to realise the passion and the worth of the teacher and the exuberance of her students. She funnels their artistic energies, she guides their glow to become masters of self and personal confidence. 

As Emily Stephenson salutes you, so do I, Amy Nuttall. You drive the art at Oakhill to amazing challenging levels. 

You’re allowed to smile for my camera! 

Barbie Leibbrandt 

Photos here

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