Alleged perlemoen smuggling links in cocaine bust

Two alleged Chinese accomplices of the six men accused in SA’s biggest cocaine bust were wanted by police after absconding from their 2008 racketeering trial on 265 charges of perlemoen smuggling, says a report in The Herald. 

Detective Warrant Officer Gerhard Roux told the Circuit Court in Knysna that Ximing ‘David’ Yuan and Long Chau ‘Jason’ Wu were arrested in 2006 on charges of perlemoen smuggling, but fled the country when they were required to stand trial. Roux said both men were also apparently involved in the plot to smuggle 1 716kg of pure cocaine into SA through the Knysna harbour, but escaped prosecution when they again fled the country after police seized the massive drug haul in December. Roux said the cellphones of five of the six accused in the case all became inactive over the five days that the drugs were allegedly loaded onto theToledocabin cruiser out at sea. The report notes the six men have all pleaded not guilty to dealing in cocaine, alternatively possession of cocaine.

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