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October 2011 Newsletter

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Adventure Racing Nationals 

Four Oakhill teams took part in the Adventure Racing National Championships for Schools that was held in the Baynesfield area, KZN on 6 and 7 October 2011. 

All 4 Oakhill teams raced very well in difficult conditions.  The teams showed great determination and endurance to finish the race.  We are very proud of the fact that all 4 Oakhill teams finished the race.  Race conditions were very tough with a temperature of 35 degrees and 75% humidity.  Out of the 35 teams competing at nationals, only 15 finished the race.  Hoërskool Helpmekaar fromJohannesburgmade a clean sweep at the event taking 1st and 2nd place in the u19 and u15 age groups. 

Oakhill u19 -1 team (Harry Maarsingh, Nicola Giliomee, Brandon Willcocks, Nic Cuthbert ) surprised all their opponents by taking the lead early in the race.  They were the pace setters and was in the lead for almost the entire race.  A navigational error in the last 10kms caused them to lose their lead and they were overtaken by 2 other teams.  They managed to close the gap but had to settle for 3rd  place.  Their team also received an award for the best organised team. 

Oakhill u15 – 1 team (Ben Giliomee, Anola Walk, Jason Campbell, Alex Fulford) unfortunately got lost within the first 45 minutes of the race and fell behind with 3 hours.  They showed great determination as they fought back to overcome the heat and a handful of punctures on the mountain bike leg.  They made up great time to finish in a well-deserved 8th place out of 12 teams. 

Oakhill u19 – team 2 (Rosie Finn, Natascha Minnitt, Dru Fosbrook, Gabi Orzechowski) almost had an early end to their race as team member Gabi Orzechowski had a serious accident on the Mountain bike leg.  She went over her handle bars at a high speed and fell very hard.  This did not stop the team.  With smiles, enthusiasm and a couple of bruises they showed great character by overcoming the heat, punctures and cramps to finish in 9th place out of 13 teams.

Oakhill u15 – team 2 (Amy Williams, Josh Nel, Kevin Redman, Bram Thorpe) showed why Oakhill is regarded as one of the top Adventure Racing schools inSouth Africa.  They are led by the only girl in the team Amy Williams, a great achievement in itself.  The teams showed great commitment as they worked through the route and challenges.  They ran into trouble on the last mountain bike leg as 2 of their 4 bikes broke down.  Most teams would call it a day in this type of situation but not an Oakhill team.  They finished the mountain bike leg running while carrying the broken bikes and went on to do the last 3 challenges.  Their commitment paid of as they finished the race in a well-deserved 7th place out of 12 teams. 

A big thank you to everyone involved in Adventure Racing at Oakhill: parents, coaches and learners – you all play a valuable roll and without you the sport will not be such a great success. 

Oakhill is very proud of our Adventure Racers, well done kids! 


Oakhill u19 – 1 (Harry Maarsingh, Nicola Giliomee, Brandon Willcocks, Nic Cuthbert) finished 3rd 

Oakhill u19 – 2 (Rosie Finn,  Natascha Minnitt,  Dru Fosbrook, Gabi Orzechowski) finished 9th 

Oakhill u15 – 2 (Amy Williams, Josh Nel, Kevin Redman, Bram Thorpe) finished 7th 

Oakhill u15 – 1 (Ben Giliomee, Anola Walk, Jason Campbell, Alex Fulford) finished 8th 

 by Riaan van Straten 

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Crater Cruise HalfMarathonMTB 56km Race 

Parys – 9 October 2011 

After taking part in the Adventure Racing National championships for schools, Nicola Giliomee, Ben Giliomee and Brandon Willcocks made their way to Parys to take part in the Crater Cruise Half Marathon MTB 56km race. 

The Adventure Race that they took part in just 2 days before was very tough and only 15 of the 35 teams managed to finish the race. With just one day of rest, Nicola, Ben and Brandon showed why they are regarded as some of the best upcoming mountain bikers in the country by achieving great results. 

Race Results: 

Nicola Giliomee – 3rd junior girl (Nicola finished the National Mountain Bike series in 5th place in her category)

Ben Giliomee – 12th junior boy (Ben finished theNationalMountainbike series in 5th place in his category)

Brandon Willcocks – 12th junior male (Brandonfinished the National Mountain Bike series in 12th place in his category) 

In the local 2011 SWD league, Nicola ended in 1st place in the Junior Women category and Benjamin 2nd in the Youth Boys category. 

Congratulations to the riders on these great achievements. 

by Riaan van Straten 

Naturally Knysna Trail Run 

On 2 October, 4 Oakhill learners took part in the Naturally Knysna Trail run. This was a 14km trail run through the Knysna forest and consisted of some steep climbs, descents and crossing streams. On the morning of the event the heavens opened up and it was pouring rain throughout the run. This made the run very muddy and even tougher. It did not scare the Oakhill runners as the results shows that they are champions in any weather conditions! 


Michaela Beers – 1st junior female (23rd overall)

Amy Williams – 2nd junior female (39th overall)

Jason Campbell – 1st junior male (7th overall)

Josh Nel – 3rd junior male (26th overall)

Mr Riaan van Straten – 10th senior male (12th overall) 

Congratulations to all the runners and a big thank you to the families who waited in the rain for the runners to come in. 

by Riaan van Straten 

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