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  • Breaking the Left's Race-Colored Glasses January 16, 2021
    Conservatives might have some success in combatting the left's race-obsessed regime by adding this word to their vocabulary.
  • The Totalitarian Left Moves to Silence All Dissent January 16, 2021
    The left and its propaganda arm, the establishment media, is now working hard to make it illegal, and get you banned from social media, to state the obvious fact that the election was stolen. 
  • Will America Survive Her Attempted Suicide? January 16, 2021
    Republicans have failed utterly in the macro dimension. But the micro might still be available to us as a route for salvation.
  • The Cult of Trump? January 16, 2021
    Leftists and their fellow travelers on the right like to talk about the "Cult of Trump." 
  • Amazon Goes Mad January 16, 2021
    By nixing Parler, Amazon has exposed itself to an impressive spectrum of risks, both legal and business.
  • Our Mounting Orwellian Nightmare January 16, 2021
    America's decline begins with "the defense of the indefensible." From here, it can go very bad very fast.
  • What Conservatism Must Conserve January 15, 2021
    If conservatism seeks to conserve anything, it is those things that have been settled for all time.
  • On the Road to Dystopia January 15, 2021
    The Democrats are telling us to live with a lie and to believe the lie, for the lie is stronger than the truth.  

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  • That's It For Today June 5, 2017
    This is my last post for the day. Starting in a few minutes we'll be replacing the guts of our website with something newer and better than what we have now, and no one at MoJo is allowed to edit the site until we're done. That will be Tuesday morning according to our tech boffins. […]
  • The Intercept Discloses Top-Secret NSA Document on Russia Hacking Aimed at US Voting System June 5, 2017
    On Monday, the Intercept published a classified internal NSA document noting that Russian military intelligence mounted an operation to hack at least one US voting software supplier—which provided software related to voter registration files—in the months prior to last year's presidential contest. It has previously been reported that Russia attempted to hack into voter registration […]
  • Lunchtime Photo June 5, 2017
    The East Basin in Dana Point harbor.
  • Chart of the Day: Health Care Spending as a Percentage of GDP June 5, 2017
    This is apropos of nothing in particular. I was over at the World Bank site fiddling around with some stuff and happened to look at their chart for health care spending. There's a good case to be made that as GDP rises, the share devoted to health care also rises. This is because richer countries […]
  • Trump's Tweets Threaten His Travel Ban's Chances in Court June 5, 2017
    President Donald Trump began the week with a barrage of early-morning tweets blasting the courts for blocking his travel ban executive order. But in doing so, he may have just made it more likely that the courts will keep blocking the ban. People, the lawyers and the courts can call it whatever they want, but […]
  • Trump Is Now Lying to His Own National Security Staff June 5, 2017
    In his NATO speech a week ago, Donald Trump declined to explicitly endorse Article 5, the provision that says an attack on one is an attack on all. I'm on record as suggesting that reaction to this was sort of overblown, but Susan Glasser provides some behind-the-scenes context to suggest it was quite a bit […]
  • Der Spiegel Just Published the Minutes From Trump’s Contentious Meeting With G7 Leaders June 5, 2017
    German magazine Der Spiegel has been given access to minutes from a contentious meeting of G7 leaders in Taormina, Sicily, at the end of May, in which they applied last-ditch pressure on President Donald Trump to stay in the Paris climate agreement. The meeting came toward the end of Trump's first trip abroad as president—and […]
  • Donald Trump Doubles Down on Boorish Temper Tantrums June 5, 2017
    President Trump was busy during his early morning "Fox & Friends" time. Around 6 am there was this: People, the lawyers and the courts can call it whatever they want, but I am calling it what we need and what it is, a TRAVEL BAN! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June 5, 2017 The Justice […]

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