George Fire Brigade assists with mountain rescue

George Fire Brigade was part of a mid-morning rescue yesterday after a 71-year-old female fell and injured her ankle while on a hike in the Outeniqua Mountains.

The hiking group called for help around 10h30 and were able to remain in cellphone contact with the rescue team throughout. The Fire Brigade utilized their drone to establish contact and assist with determining the necessary co-ordinates.

The injured person was carried out by the rescuers to the Outeniqua Cross whereafter she was transported to the nearest ambulance using a smaller EMS All Terrain Vehicle(ATV). The rest of the hiking group were able to walk out safely with the rescue team. The patient was transported to hospital by ER24 in a stable condition. Fire Chief , Neels Barnard of George Municipality who attended the rescue, thanked the combined efforts of Metro Rescue, Hikers Network, Outeniqua Trail Search and Rescue group and ER24 Ambulance Services which led to the successful operation.

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