Deputy Mayor opens 24th George Old Car Show

Executive Deputy Mayor of George, Cllr Charlotte Clarke, opened the 24th George Old Car Show on Saturday 9th February and commended the George Old Car Show Committee on always introducing new and ground-breaking initiatives that expand and propel the show to the next level.

“You truly uphold the slogan of George, the city for a sustainable future. We all know that classic cars will always turn heads whenever it is on the road- you have brought them to our proverbial doorstep affording us the opportunity to admire them up close.” She thanked the exhibitors for always coming back and supporting the George Old Car Show and making it a prestigious event for the city.

The show was attended and enjoyed by people from across the world, with 12 500 visitors visiting the grounds. A highlight was the centre display of in excess of 100 “bakkies” including a number of modified bakkies.

The dates for the 25th George Old Car Show will be the 14th & 15th of February 2021 and George Municipality looks forward to continuing our collaboration with the organisers. In addition to financial support, the George Municipality provides extensive services support to the event every year including on-site fire safety, traffic regulation around the venue, safety and security planning, refuse removal, installation of electricity kiosks if required and administrative support from the Tourism and Communications departments.

Cllr Liza Stroebel and Cllr Charlotte Clarke with a 1915 Model T Ford of Philip Kuschke as backdrop.

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