Paraglider injured at the Wilderness

Mike Vonk, NSRI Wilderness deputy station commander, said:  At 15h56, NSRI Wilderness duty crew were activated following eye-witness reports of a paraglider accident at a beach in Wilderness, between George and Knysna.

NSRI crew responded directly to the scene and our NSRI sea rescue vehicle responded along the beach from our sea rescue station. Eden 911 ambulance services and WC Government Health EMS were activated.

On arrival on the scene NSRI crew found a 49 year old male from Sedgefield injured after crashing his paraglider on a rocky beach below a steep sand dune.

Fellow paragliders had landed nearby and were assisting the man.

An Eden 911 paramedic and an EMS rescue paramedic attended at the scene and the patient was stabilised and secured to a stretcher and our NSRI crew and the paramedics, assisted by members of the public, hiked the patient along the beach towards an accessible area.

Our sea rescue vehicle responded along the beach to a rocky headland and NSRI crew hiked from there towards the rescue party and on intercepting the rescue party assisted to carry the patient to the NSRI vehicle where he was loaded into the NSRI vehicle and driven along the beach to the NSRI rescue station and loaded into the the ambulance.

The patient was transported to hospital in a serious but stable condition.

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