Coffee Snob – Sal Jy?

George, Garden Route (Okt 2019)  -At a time when we are inundated by a tempest of love lessness, mistrust and violence we suddenly find a secure haven of rest and tranquillity. This I found in the new COFFEE SNOBS single, SAL JY. 

Tania with the Coffee Snobs

South Africans have come to know COFFEE SNOBS, the singing duo Vernette and Marius Wessels, for their sensitive-intelligent lyrics and the intimacy of their musical touch. SAL JY has all of that, and more. It confronts the listener by asking the question whether he or she will be willing to stand by a another, even when things are not going well. The lyrics are stripped of sentiment, they are sober and honest. And without remorse – as all good art should be.

Vernette says that she and Marius are celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary this year, and the lyrics are also about their relationship. Lyrics posing the universal question, in all relationships: Sal jy my dra, al is dit swaar? Sal jy my vashou, sal jy my regop hou? Will you carry me, even when I get heavy? Will you hold me tight; will you keep me upright?

SAL JY is accompanied by a music video telling the stirring story of Tania van Twisk. Tania broke her back and neck in a serious car accident eight years ago. Against all odds, she has survived, but had to learn from scratch even the most basic of things, like swallowing and sitting up. She is on the road to recovery, but will never be able to do so without the loving support of those nearest to her.

Their selfless reply to the question, “Sal jy?” is: I will.

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