Message for 2019 Matrics from Executive Mayor of George, Melvin Naik

It gives me great pleasure to address the Matric Class of 2019. You are on the verge of the end of an era. You have excelled over the past 12 years till now.

You have proven yourself and overcome intellectual and social obstacles indicating that you are capable of being successful at anything that comes your way. In life, some people are just looking for a window of opportunity to make a significant mark – You have that opportunity now, so please use your time wisely and prepare properly for your exams. You have unlimited opportunities at your disposal, but you must be equipped to access these opportunities. Matric is your chance to equip yourself to be able to access these opportunities. Your best is yet to come and the future is within your reach. Dream big, and make the global space you’re playing field!  

Please remain positive throughout your study period. Attitude determines how far you can go in your success journey. Don’t let your environment or how you were raised and other people’s expectations of you limit your life. You are not average, you are created to stand out, you need to go beyond the norm, to leave your mark on your generation. I want to tell you, you have seeds of greatness inside of you. You are supposed to go further than the people that raised you. You are supposed to live better, be more successful and set a new standard.

Remember you are the leaders of tomorrow.

Successful leaders are learners and the learning process is an ongoing result of self-discipline and perseverance. To be able to lead tomorrow  – is to learn today. There is no overnight success. Becoming a leader is a process. Real leadership is being the person others will gladly and confidently follow. We will follow your progress.

I wish you well and all the best of success with your exams!


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