George Junior Council elects new members

The George Junior City Council (JCC) last week chose a new executive for the upcoming new year and Cllr Liza Stroebel, who was awarded the custodianship of the JCC by the Executive Mayor of George, Ald Melvin Naik, and who led and guided the team, was there to give her blessing to the new incoming Council and those stepping down.

The Junior City Council of 2018/19 are front row from left: Haydn Wentzel, Odwa Ngqavu, Du-Jon Lambert, Ehsanul-lee Booysen, Caitlin Potgieter, Nicholas Cato, Shareldo Marais, Tammeaq Titus, Justin Yawe and Nikita Labuschagne.  
Back Row are Liyema Nyobole, Lize-Anne Minnie, Aldinicia Lourens, Minouch Koopman,    Davincia-lee London, Nicole Philander, Inilé du Toit, Marize Gouws, Kayla Hartman, Nina van Zyl, Jalaser Bosman, Abigail Minnies and Gabriella Zampieri.

Cllr Stroebel thanked Ald Naik who gave her the chance to work with these amazing young people. She said the highlights of the past year were a visit to the treatment plant, the child parliamentarians visit and attendance at the George Old Car Show. She mentioned Justin Yawe and Jalaser Bosman who were ranked respectively first and second in the top ten youth leaders at the Western Cape Provincial Parliament on 27 July. Justin will now represent the Western Cape Provincial Parliament at the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association Youth Parliament before the end of this year.

Stroebel thanked the outgoing JCC for their commitment, passion, time and love and for paving the way for the incoming JCC. She also thanked every parent for their sacrifice and said this is an investment into your child with a long term return. She challenged the new JCC to be worthy followers of the outgoing JCC and said she believed they got what it takes. Stroebel words of encouragement to young leaders were, “lead with a humble heart, lead with integrity… God does not call the qualified… He qualifies the called.”

Nicholas Cato, Outgoing Junior Mayor, said the team of the JCC together played a role in the betterment of the community. “We have grown as a family and we have grown as individuals. By being mayor, I have improved my leadership skills, I have found inspiration to follow my dreams and passions through this amazing group of people.” He also thanked Cllr Stroebel for her great part in the JCC. Cato’s advice to the new team, “ Don’t cheat the world of your contribution; give it what you’ve got”.

Jonel Kerspuy, Coordinator of the Youth Office, George Municipality, encouraged the youth to become generational thinkers. She quoted Dr Mensah Otabil who said, “ Generational thinkers are people who run not only for themselves but runs so that the next generation can run better.”

Photo: The newly elected executive of the Junior City Council are from left, Abigail Minnies from Glenwood House (Deputy Speaker), Jalaser Bosman from York High School (Speaker), Haydn Wentzel from York High School (Municipal Manager), Inilé du Toit from Glenwood House (Junior Mayor), Cllr Liz Stroebel, Caitlin Potgieter from Outeniqua High School (Deputy Junior Mayor) and Jonel Kerspuy (Guest speaker at the event.

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