General valuation roll and Supplementary valuation rolls

The George Municipality has a General Valuation process of all properties in the Greater George area and properties are valued because rates are based on the valuation of the property.

The Municipality requires the valuation of all properties and the processing thereof as from 1 July 2017 (Date of Valuation).  Any Supplementary Valuations must be processed from the same Date of Valuation (1 July 2017). The valuations are all done from the same date to ensure a fair and equitable basis on which to levy rates. The General Valuation Roll consists of about 50 000 properties.

The Municipal Property Rates Act, 2004 (Act no 6 of 2004), as amended, prescribes at least one supplementary valuation roll per annum. Supplementary valuation rolls is advertised and shall be open for the public or 30 days after the advertising date. The public may lodge objections against properties in such a supplementary valuation roll. Objection forms can be obtained at the municipal offices as well as on the Municipal Website. Objections can be lodged and the reason for the objections must be clearly stated with form. Annexures may be attached to the form. The results of an objection and the reasons of the finds will be confirmed to the objectors.

Simultaneously with the placing of the advertisement, notices is mailed to owners whose properties is displayed on the said roll. It is important for owners to ensure that their postal addresses is correct at the Municipality. The valuations is performed by the firm CDV Property Valuers Pty (Ltd) on behalf of the George Municipality. The personnel from the firm does have identification cards to identify themselves during inspection of properties.  It is expected of the data collectors to take a photograph of the properties.  

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