Recycling Awareness at schools

George Municipality in conjunction with Interwaste, Waste Management Company, are running a Recycling Awareness programme at schools from 2 to 6 September 2019.

Grace Notshokovu from Cleansing, George Municipality (in red) asks learners questions on what they’ve learned. Iviwe Maboza from Cleansing handed out stringbags to the learners that answered the questions correctly

Officials and members of Interwaste are doing presentations at different schools to show children how to use the green and blue bag system.

From Monday the group have visited, Parkdene Primary School, Rosemoor Primary School, Dellville Park Primary School, Pacaltsdorp Primary School, Mzoxolo Primary School, Heidedal Primary School, Mzoxolo Primary School, New Dawn Park Primary School, Conville Primary School, Tyholorha Primary School and Thembalethu Primary School.

The team also did door to door distribution of information pamphlets on recycling in the different communities. Sandra Gaspar from Interwaste did a presentation at the schools on what recycling is all about. She told learners to teach their parents and one day their children to rather avoid waste first, and if you cannot avoid waste then to re-use it, so you can recycle or you can use the waste for recovery (you can power your whole house with waste) and the last option is to dispose of waste.

Gaspar said waste has terrible consequences on our environment with air pollution, and for example fish that eat plastic and the plastic then lands up in our human bodies etc. Grace Notshokovu from the Cleansing section at George Municipality said the project this week is to make people and the learners aware of recycling and to continue the education process.

The blue refuse bag only takes recycleables, such as  paper, metal, glass, plastic. The green bag is only for garden waste –  leaves, cut grass, twigs etc. Nappies, mirrors, food leftovers can be put in the black bags. Notshokovu said with this project they are reaching about 200 learners plus 400 individuals in each area they are visiting which means a reach of approximately 5 000 people for the week. They are planning to do more outreaches over time.

Recycle schools: Learners from Parkdene Primary School with the green and blue bags that are dropped at George households to make recycling easier. With them are Interwaste staff and George Municipality officials.

Additional Information:


Blue and green bags are collected on the same day as black bag refuse removal, but by different trucks – before or after the black bag collection and may be hours apart. Each collected full blue or green bag will be replaced with another of the same colour on the same day.

Households or businesses that are actively recycling and require additional green or blue bags, can collect from the Interwaste premises at 10 Extension Road, Pacaltsdorp Industrial Area.

Please note GREEN bags are collected in the same type of refuse truck by Interwaste as those used to pick up BLACK bags by the municipality and are sign-marked accordingly. Please check the insignia on the truck before reporting ‘uncollected’ bags – just because a refuse truck has passed your house and did not pick up your bags, does not mean you have been skipped, it may just mean the relevant truck is still on its way.


Green and blue bags: Interwaste

10 Extension Road, Pacaltsdorp Industrial Area. Phone: 044 878 0688

Black bags: George Municipality Environmental Services

82 Meade Street, George. Phone 044 802 2900


Households can put out seven bags per week, in any combination of green, blue and black.

Additional tied bundles of branches are allowed if they are shorter than a metre in length and can be picked up by one person.

BLUE bags are for non-soiled recyclable materials, including plastic, paper, card board, glass etc.

GREEN bags are for green waste, including organic kitchen waste such as fruit and vegetable peels, as well as garden waste, including grass cuttings, leaves etc. No soil is allowed in the green bags.

BLACK bags are for ‘wet’ waste, things that cannot be recycled.

All refuse bags must be put out by 7am on removal day.

Please don’t put bags out the day or night before removal.

Please wrap broken glass in newspaper before placing in bags to prevent injuries to workers.

A pack of 26 black bags are distributed to households quarterly.

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