Love & dedication the force behind Carpe Diem School Gourmets & Gourmands championed by Hartmans

SOUTH AFRICA (August 2019) – While excitement is building up to the 2019 Carpe Diem School Gourmets and Gourmands championed by Hartmans, a whole ‘army’ is hard at work behind the scenes…

The 11th annual Carpe Diem School Gourmets and Gourmands will take place on Saturday 24 August 2019.   Each year this iconic production takes place without a glitch and some of the essential detail is admired without the public knowing about the level of dedication everybody involved puts into the event.

The committee organising the Carpe Diem School Gourmets and Gourmands championed by Hartmans is supported hands-on by the personnel of Carpe Diem School.  On all levels Carpe Diem personnel are involved and nothing is too much to ask.  The formidable Lindie Kempen has been the driving force behind the stunning pottery presented as prizes.  The clay for the pottery is rolled out and formed into bowls by the learners.  The teachers step in when the items need to be turned over, sanded, baked and glazed.  The portraits painted by the learners are processed by dedicated teachers to ensure that the result is ready to be framed.  The level of planning that goes into this iconic event is astronomical and everybody involved are available at a moment’s call.  Nothing is too much trouble.  After hours meetings, planning, searching for donations / sponsors, raising funds. . . team spirit and creativity is at the core of this mammoth task. 

Amy Poehler said, “Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life forever.” This is the success of Carpe Diem School put into words.  The funds raised over the past 11 years through these superior events served the learners of Carpe Diem School directly.  Developing a house for hearing impaired children between the ages of 4 and 8 is 1st on the priority list.  The school is also in need of 2 power chairs for learners who are physically weakening drastically.

For more information about the 2019 Carpe Diem School Gourmets and Gourmands championed by Hartmans please contact Carpe Diem School on 044 874 4074.  Should you need more information on the event follow Carpe Diem School on Facebook at Carpe Diem School.

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