Merriman Street Update

Contractors will be laying the A-E2 Asphalt layer on Merriman Street on the following dates subject to weather and unforeseen circumstances:

25/08/2019:  The portion of Merriman Street between Market Street to Hibernia Street and including intersections of Hibernia and Market Streets

26/08/2019:  The portion of Merriman Street between Market Street to Victoria Street

27/08/2019 and 28/08/2019:  The portion of Merriman Street between Victoria Street to Nelson Mandela Boulevard.

Merriman Street will be partially closed during this time for up to 3 hours at a time however access for businesses and residents will be controlled by the contractor on site.

Extra care is to be taken by road users throughout the duration of the entire construction period. Adherence to temporary road signs and markings will be required.

The safety and convenience of travelling public are of utmost importance. Every effort will be made to ensure that there is minimal disruption during construction and that due courtesy is extended to the travelling public.

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