George Municipality sponsors Soup kitchen project

George Municipality supplies 145 soup kitchen’s in the municipal area with dry ingredients to provide at least three nutritious meals to hungry children, people on chronic medications and frail elders three times a week which calculates to almost 121 000 mouths being fed monthly.

Veronique Ferndale assisting at the Rosedale soup kitchen

George Council is aware of the dire need in the communities and started the project to bring some relief to those people in the community who cannot fend for themselves. Chronic sick people are referred by the clinics to the nearest soup kitchen in their area.  According to Ms Yuleen Campher, Coordinator, the soup kitchens are run at home by volunteers. “The volunteers receive no compensation for the service they provide. One can actually say this is done for the love of it. So I would also like to take this opportunity to thank our aunties who manage the soup kitchens and prepare all the meals with much love.” The soup kitchens are spread all over the municipal and  rural areas. If you are unsure of where your closest soup kitchen is situated, you can visit the George Municipal office on the corner of St. John’s and Varing Lane. There is currently a waiting list for soup kitchens as provision is only available for the existing 145 kitchens. Prior to a soup kitchen being opened, an investigation must take place to ensure that the applicant adheres to the conditions stipulated in the municipal policy and weekly monitoring is done at all of the the soup kitchens. You can apply to run a soup kitchen at the Social Service offices, on the corner of St John’s and Varing Lane. Veronique Ferndale and Yuleen Campher are responsible for the Soup kitchen Project and any valid complaint about any of the soup kitchens, can be reported to them on 044 802 2000. 

Group photo: Veronique Ferndale (middle), one of the Coordinators of the Soup kitchen project, with some children and adults at the Rosedale soup kitchen.

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