People living on Street Forum executive elected

The People Living on the Street Forum was established in September 2018. The purpose of the Forum is to promote co-operation , service delivery and solutions to the plight of the homeless persons of George, including children living on the streets of George.

The Forum has a number of stakeholders, namely George Municipality, Department of Health, Department of Justice, Department of Education, Sassa, the Police Service, Department of Social Development and non-governmental organisations like Cremhog, Kidstop, George Night Shelter and Sanca. The Executive committee was elected last week through a democratic election process at the meeting. The elected chairperson is Mzoli Mavimbela (Sanca) standing in the front on the photo. At the back are Melissa Markgraff (George Night Shelter) as secretary, Estelle Fredericks (George Municipality Community Services) as Deputy Chairperson and Loretta Roelfse (Department of Health) as Deputy Secretary.

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