Centre for special needs children hosts Open Day

GEORGE (July 2019) – Disability is the consequence of an impairment that may be physical, cognitive, mental, sensory, emotional, developmental, or some combination of these.

Legacy Centre, a tutoring centre for children with special needs, is structured to address a combination of special needs and to be a friendly, stimulating environment for children facing all kinds of challenges.  On Friday 12 July between 12:00 and 14:00 families who face special needs challenges are welcome to visit Legacy Centre.

Over the past 3 years Legacy Centre evolved into a haven where children with different challenges are nurtured and stimulated in a holistic way by an extended team of professionals. The individual curriculum of each child addresses the body, mind, life skills and communication.  In addition to this, music teacher Lasya Venter of Roots 4 Rhythm, also visits the centre twice every week and the children thrive on their time spent with her.  Each little person has a unique profile, and this profile determines his / her style of processing, the degree to which they can manipulate their bodies, and engage with their environment.

Natasha van Zyl, Behaviour Therapist at Legacy Centre expanded, “… you can break down learning into smaller blocks and guide the development of complex skills systematically, when needed. In this process I discovered that every child I worked with could learn, could process and discover the basic dynamics of the natural order, that will help them manipulate and engage the environment.”

It is crucial to explore all avenues to address the unique needs of our children with special needs.  Legacy Centre supplies an environment for children to explore, discover, and investigate the world in a style fitting to their profile and interest.  A place where children are guided to develop their natural abilities and skills necessary for negotiating their environment.  Where they can be children…without stressors and judgement.

The NPO Binah (Understanding) was founded 3 years ago in conjunction with Legacy Centre.  Its aim is to create awareness for children with special needs for society to better understand and accept them. The founder members of Binah themselves deal with the challenges families with special needs children face, as they raise their autistic sons. 

For more information regarding this project contact Mariza van Deventer on 083 270 6382.  For the latest news please visit the Facebook pages of Legacy Centre and Binah.

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