NSRI assist hikers in the Kaaimans River

Robert van Heldsingen, NSRI Wilderness station commander, said: At 15h24, Monday, 17th June, an NSRI crewman, on the Kaaimans River at the time, alerted our NSRI Wilderness duty crew of a group hiking in a canyon on the Kaaimans River appearing to be in difficulties and he was investigating.

Our NSRI Wilderness duty crew activated to begin preparations when the SA Police Services and the restaurant on the Kaaimans River also contacted NSRI alerting to the same group of hikers who were requesting assistance after an adult male from the group had gone ahead to seek assistance reporting that the hike was taking longer than expected and with nightfall approaching there were concerns.

At that stage our NSRI crewman were with the group, 2 adult females, 2 adult males, 3 male children and a female child, and they were doing fine, just a bit cold and a bit tired, the hike they were on was taking a bit longer than they expected it would.

Our sea rescue craft Clemengold Rescuer with our NSRI crew had already been launched on the river by that stage and we kept WC Government Health EMS and the SA Police Services on stand by as no additional assistance was immediately required.

Our sea rescue craft went as far up river as it could, NSRI crew members then hiked further and met up with the party who were being walked down river accompanied by our NSRI crewman and they were hiked to our sea rescue craft and in relays we transported them to the restaurant aboard the sea rescue craft and once at the restaurant no further assistance was required.

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