SANRAL Streetlighting

George Municipality would like to advise that as per the attached maps, there are a number of sections on the N2 where the street lighting falls under the control of SANRAL and not the George Electro-technical services department.

These areas are:

  1. Kraaibosch – SANRAL lighting starts from the intersection of Knysna road/N2 turn off (near the Mall) and ends 250m east from turn entrance to Victoria Bay.
  2. Wilderness Central  – SANRAL lighting start from the intersection at George road /N2 and end 150m east of South road intersection near  NSRI
  3. Wilderness East – SANRAL lighting start from the intersection at Dumbleton/Buxton road  / N2 to ends  1 Km east of intersection Second Avenue  (Caltex Garage)
  4. Overview of SANRAL street lighting

George Municipality engages with SANRAL should the street lights be seen to remain on during the day, but please note George Electro-technical services

Is not responsible for the maintenance or management of these sections of street lighting. Contact SANRAL on 041 398 3200 to report any issues on the N2.

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