Africa Skills Village takes silver at National Skills Conference

Africa Skills Village, the well-known Private College in the Technical Vocational Education and Training band, with its head office based in George, won a prestigious award at the recent National Skills Conference and Awards.

The conference, held in Johannesburg last week, focused on the theme of “Building a demand-led skills development system that focuses on inclusive economic growth”.  Aiming to bring together all education, training and skills development role-players to explore solutions to the obstacles and obstructions faced with implementing skills development interventions – the conference had several key objectives. 

A need to communicate the new National Skills Development Plan and the Sector Education and Training Authority (SETA) landscape beyond March 2020 was indeed clear.  Skills development strategies must be aligned with national key priorities and the 4th industrial revolution.  To achieve this, collaborations between labour market institutions and education & training institutions, including colleges and universities, both public and private, are imperative to fast track occupations in high demand as well as encourage international best practices on skills development. The conference furthermore strived to provide a platform to social partners to pledge support and commitment to implement the National Strategy, whilst having the opportunity to witness skills development stakeholders’ organisational successes.

One of the primary expected outcomes of the conference is to secure work placement opportunities for 20 000 learners and graduates from colleges, universities and private institutions on an annual basis.  Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETAs) play a critical role in this regard, as they can facilitate and financially support this. 

At the conference, awards in various categories received nominations, primarily to recognise the best skills development practices in promoting the training and development of people in the workplace, the unemployed and through learning programme such as artisan development, were conferred.

Local Africa Skills Village Private College was nominated in the Chemical Industries Education and Training Authority (CHIETA) category and won the silver award for “Best Practice In Skills Development”.  The recognition of Africa Skills Village on this national platform launches the company to new heights and confirms their continued commitment towards service excellence and best practices.

Africa Skills Village, over the past 10 years, unceasingly endeavoured to improve skills development practices, work placement and making a real impact on the economic growth and unemployment epidemic. They have placed over 1500 artisans in the Garden Route in the last 8 years. This well-deserved award emphasise the distinguished training institution that Africa Skills became and will build on in future.

Ronnelie Meyer . CEO of Africa Skills Private College

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