George Municipality shines at Cansa Relay 2019

Cansa Relay for Life hosted their 12th event at the Carpe Diem School Sportsgrounds on Saturday 23 February 2019 with the George Municipality team the bestselling team for the second year in a row.

Marelna Gultig, Brenda Vorster (Manager: George Airport), Eleanore Bouw-Spies (Speaker of Garden Route District Municipality) and Cllr Jacqulique von Brandis at the event

Cansa Relay for Life is part of an international movement that unites cancer survivors and the communities that care for them.

Mayleen and Wessel Robertson husband and wife team and officials of George Municipality are regulars at the event

Executive Mayor of George was part of the opening ceremony of the event and said: “today I am honoured to be part of the Cansa relay where we not only commemorate those that have passed on but to encourage those that are still facing this battle against a seemingly invincible sickness.”

Mayor Melvin Naik with the team on the field displaying their flag

“We have to declare that nothing is bigger or stronger than Him who lives within us. We need to stop our ignorance for the innate capacity of this sickness that forces you to take stock of your personal health, change your lifestyle and outlook on life as the most precious entity that we all possess. As individuals, we will only truly know the impact of this sickness once it has knocked on your door.”

“Do this relay and commit yourself to living the life you are destined to live…geared to be the person you were created to be. Let us take hands with those living with the sickness…let us unconditionally support them and let us keep our eyes on the fulfiller of our faith,” Naik said.

For the past nine years, George Municipality employees have taken part in this event and entered two teams each year as part of the Wellness Programme. From 2018 an extra team was added from Traffic Services in support of employees in their section who were diagnosed with cancer.

During the event, the teams prepared food to sell in support of Cansa.  Each member of the team had his/her own role to play to make a success of the event.   We paid an amount of over R18 000 to Cansa.  The employees look forward to the 2020 event and hope to encourage even more of our colleagues to be active in the event.

Ald Melvin Naik, Mayor of George, Lynn Basson, George Municipality official and Cllr Sean Snyman, Portfolio Councillor for Community Development and his dog, Flame, who walked to create awareness for animals that die of cancer. Her friend Kita, a female Husky from Mossel Bay, passed away 2 weeks ago from cancer

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