Affordable housing open day

More than 1200 people attended George’s first Affordable Housing Open Day on Saturday, 23rd February 2019 at St. Augustine Hall in town hosted by George Municipality in conjunction with Western Cape Department of Human Settlements (WCDoHS).

Catherine Koelman is assisted by Earl Takka from Nedbank

The Affordable Housing Open Day was aimed at households whose income ranges between R3501 and R22000 per month as first-time buyers and low-to-middle income households face many barriers when entering the property market.  The purpose of the Open Day was to specifically pre-screen candidates for mortgage finance with a financial institution of their choice and to introduce the Syferfontein Catalytic project and display the affordable housing options available to qualifying candidates. 

Riaan Hector assisted by Amorei Vermaak from Nedbank

After completing registration and submitting the compulsory Expenditure form with the necessary documentation required for screening, applicants were directed to view a 3D display and site maps of the new Syferfontein project under construction, which will consist of more than 300 FLISP homes.  This was followed with WCDoHS relaying pertinent information on the FLISP subsidy that would enable qualifying candidates to receive said subsidy, which is paid to the relevant financial institution with whom their mortgage lies, to reduce their home loan repayments.  Nedbank, FNB, Standard Bank and ABSA attended the Open Day and assisted the applicants with pre-screening where possible. 

With an attendance of more than 1200 applicants, it highlights the need for affordable housing in George and goes a long way to strengthen the efforts that are made to enable these households to enter the property market.  George Municipality is delighted with the outcome and the positivity received from the potential beneficiaries and would like to encourage any member of the community, falling within this income range, to submit their documentation in an effort to see if they could qualify for the Affordable Housing.  The closing date for applications of this Open Day is Monday, 4th March 2019, at which point all applications must be received at the Existing Housing offices.  More information is available by contacting the Existing Housing offices on 044-801 9113.   

Malcolm Lambson from Royal Haskoning DHV explains to attendees of the open house what the plan of the houses look like.

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