Suspect apprehended at Delville Park church

Two Fidelity ADT officers assisted with the apprehension of a suspect who was caught stealing at a local church in Delville Park earlier this month.

Steven Green, George branch manager at Fidelity ADT, says they received an alarm signal from a local church on Thursday 7 February at around 2pm. “Staff members at the church say they noticed a suspect allegedly stealing from the store-room, after which they activated the alarm.”

Fidelity ADT uses an automatic dispatch system, alerting the closest officer to an alarm signal. In this case, officer Siyabonga Lingani responded to the alarm. His colleague, officer Thembelani Fatuse, also responded as backup. “When we receive alarm signals from large properties – such as schools, churches, or other public spaces – we dispatch two officers, so that they can help each other in safely responding,” says Green.

On their arrival, the officers quickly located the alleged suspect and apprehended him before handing him over into police custody.

Green was full of praise for the two officers.

“I am very happy to see how quickly and professionally they responded. I remind residents to make sure their alarm systems are tested regularly, to make sure that your security company receives your call for help. It is particularly important to test your battery to make sure the system will still offer you protection during load shedding.”

ARO Siyabonga Lingani

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