Supa Quick George Central, Wheels & Bike Wheels to join forces

Wheels was founded in 1982 by Brian Elliott. Brian’s expertise in wheel alignment and balancing brought a technical proficiency to George which still stands today in the legacy of Wheels.

Keith Elliott, Brian’s son, joined him in 2000 to take over the reins. They state that it has been an absolute joy and privilege to look after the customers of Wheels all these years, always striving to make decisions that will serve in the best interest of the customer. Keith is confident that the reliable staff will continue to fulfil that recipe. Both teams feel that it is a privilege to be able to add Wheels to the Supa Quick team, as they found that they share similar values regarding customer service delivery.

Tyres & Treads bought the Supa Quick George Central franchise in October 2016, which allowed them to offer their customers a convenient, walk-in tyre service in the centre of town. Combining these businesses will allow them to offer specialised tyre services to the George public under one roof, as well as expand their offering to include motorcycle tyre sales, fitment and repair.

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Photo: Supa Quick George Central, Wheel & Bike Wheels teams with (on the far right) Theuns Botha, Keith Elliott and Oeloff Badenhorst

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