2019 Junior City Council welcomed to the George Council Chambers

A group of the 2019 Junior City Council visited the George Council Chambers on Thursday, January 31st, the first George Council meeting for 2019.

Members of the Junior City Council pictured here with Executive Deputy Mayor Charlotte Clarke, Executive Mayor Melvin Naik and Speaker Gerrit Pretorius in the Council Chambers. The Mayor welcomed the Junior Council in his office before proceeding to the Chambers.

The Mayor asked the learners from the different high schools in George to please assist the George Council to spread the word amongst their peers to stay drug-free. He said he knows it’s a challenge in school.  Nicholas Cato, the newly elected Junior City Council Mayor said as a council their focus is on uniting the youth of George. “Our vision is to mobilise the youth through involvement and tangible change, so that the change we make inspires those to better the lives of themselves and of those around them,” Cato says.

Their mission is to develop youth leadership and potential and to focus on the betterment of the community. On a personal note, Cato says, the Council gives him a chance to do what he loves and that is to make a difference in the lives of the youth. “We are given the chance to grow as leaders and we are a good team that does something important in the community.”

Cllr Liz Stroebel was appointed by the Mayor as the mayoral representative of the Junior City Council. “I was over the moon when the Mayor appointed me as representative of the JCC! I just love young people – they are the future leaders of tomorrow and can be so easily influenced by the wrong peers.

Stroebel says at the end of each year when they have their goodbye session, she is sad to see them depart; but she is so motivated and excited when she sees the talent of every new year’s council. “I am their tannie whether they are Afrikaans or English.

Executive Deputy Mayor Charlotte Clarke, Executive Mayor Melvin Naik and Speaker Gerrit Pretorius of George Council receive the Junior City Council in the Mayoral Chamber.

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