Caledon Street Rehabilitation and Upgrade

Minor works on kerbing are currently underway while the contractor is awaiting the BTB layer test results.  Once the test results have been received, you will be advised on any impact on traffic.

Primer drums in the parking lot of the Botanical Garden that leaked, have been cleaned and soil tests have been requested to confirm whether the soil under the paving is contaminated.  Contaminated soil will be removed and disposed of at an approved waste disposal facility.

Please note: 

  • Caledon Street is still a construction site and as such, the road, manholes and kerb levels will still be different.  Please exercise care and caution during this time.
  • This is not the final layer.  The final asphalt layer will be laid once the test results have been received.

Your continued support and patience is appreciated during this time.

Concerns, comments and suggestions to or phone 082 305 5097.

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