Success for first roadblock action of the season

The first George Municipality Protection Services roadblock action for the Christmas holiday season, on Sunday 16 December 2018, was a great success, according to traffic Chief Donovan Saptoe.

“The action was the first of many the directorate has planned for the season and combined the efforts of municipal law enforcement, George and Provincial traffic and the land invasion unit.”

Roadblocks and actions were held from 3pm to midnight at different places in and around George.

In Pacaltsdorp, an illegal gathering of vehicles in the children’s play park was dispersed and the use of the cars suspended.

Drag racing complaints resulted in several vehicles taken to the municipality vehicle testing station, of which 14 vehicles’ licenses were suspended due to a variety of irregularities.

Five drunk drivers were arrested.

Several fines were issued for driving without a license, not stopping at stop streets and other road violations.

Two long distance busses were suspended and found unroadworthy due to faulty brakes and other roadworthy issues. Alternative transport arrangements were made for the passengers.

Mr Saptoe said all George Traffic Department operational staff, including 50 traffic officers, were on duty during the school holiday period. “Traffic officers will focus on high visibility, enforcement of the law, road safety as well as drunken driving. A zero-tolerance approach will be followed towards road traffic offences.

“Traffic officers will also be deployed at strategic hotspots to encourage road safety as well as deal with serious offenders. The department also has a dedicated Rapid Response Unit that will focus on various aspects of public transport and related offences. A speed management team will also be out in full force at various locations,” said Mr Saptoe.

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