Assist the homeless as part of the 16 Days of Activism

George Municipality is celebrating 16 Days of Activism for No Violence Against Women, Children and Men from the 25th November 2018 until 10 December 2018.

The aim is to address the challenges women, men and children are facing each day. Cllr Sean Snyman, Portfolio Councillor for Community Development, said: “16 Days of activism is more than just a statement in which we speak out against abuse of woman, children and those living with disabilities. It is an opportunity for all those affected by discrimination to have a voice and ask the world for an opportunity to reclaim their dignity. Poverty is an equalizer in that it sees no colour, language or culture and is a harsh reality that could affect any of us at any time.”

He said, people living on the street are no different, their circumstances are not always understood and although every year we have our 16 days, these people need our assistance throughout the year. “Project Hope focuses on making a difference in these lives through constant interventions in the hope that every day we can take these lives and reunite them with family, with the goal to offer back their identity and the goal to offer the possibility of a better life.

“We as society need to take cognisance of these people not by giving handouts but rather supporting the programs designed to improve the circumstances of these individuals. “Give a man food and you create a slave, teach him to earn his keep and you give him back his humanity!”

Estelle Fredericks, Co-ordinator of Project Hope, said abuse can be classified in different clusters such as sexual, financial, emotional, physical abuse and bullying etc.

She said, we have to remember that people`s rights must be protected each day especially the most vulnerable that means our children, the ill, disabled and elderly.

“Project Hope is focusing on the plight of Homeless People that means People Living on the street. We must also remember with each right comes a responsibility. The first lesson that we must live out is that we have rights but must help protect each other’s rights. The moral of the story is treat others like you want to be treated”

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