George Municipal Sports Office rolls out the “Building a Foundation in Sport Project”

The Building a Foundation in Sport Project that is rolled out by the George Municipal Sports Office gives exposure to children from the age of four years to six years and has many benefits.

Coach Buran Parks explains to a group of children how to do the obstacle course

According to Mr Granville Campher, Manager: Sports Section, the project aims to develop the children’s hand and eye coordination, the development of the big and small motor neurone skills, discipline, active lifestyles and socialising skills. A further advantage is that the programme actively help encounter obesity in children as well as exposing children to alternatives to the social ills that is plaguing our communities.

Children taking part in the sports event

He said the project consists of development programmes conducted by trained coaches to help children reach their developmental stages. The coaches work closely with teachers at schools and crèches during the programme. Trainers also get trained in level one first aid.

Happy coaches and children at the end of the day. The children received lunch packs after all the excitement

The event was held last week at the Pacaltsdorp Community Hall. Maranata Crèche, Soete Uurtjies and Klouter Kabouter took part in the activities on the day.

Coaches from left Leono Oosthuizen, Lucille Carolus, Buran Parks and Jearus Nicholas(George Municipality Sports Office), with some of the children taking part in the games and at the back children are cheering them on.

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