Status George Fires 1 November 2018

Released by CapeNature
Important Notice: All hiking trails remain closed
30/10/2018 at 11:00

Please note that all official and unofficial hiking trails on the Outiniqua mountain remain closed due to the current fires in the area. We’ve received reports of people on the trails taking photographs and we ask the public to refrain from accessing the trails for their own safety as well as diverting official fire fighters from their immediate duty. Trails will remain closed until further notice.

Garden Route District Municipality JOC Fire Update 2018/11/01 @ 14:45

Two choppers on scene, one chopper has returned for servicing.

Landowners confirmed that at Dubell at the Sawmill, there is plenty of smoke coming from the valley – landowners cannot see the fire due to the smoke. There are sufficient firefighting resources on the scene.  The sawmill is still safe and being protected.  South-westerly wind is still blowing.

Aerial resources cannot assist Dubell with the smoke in the area, as the flames are very high.
GRDM Fire Services received a safety call from Geelhoutvlei Timbers about arsenic in some of the treated timber logs – this is a cause of concern for the health of ground teams and possibly others around the area. GRDM is in contact with the Health Department to evaluate the vapours that might blow in the direction of residential areas.

The fire is contained. Some homes are situated more to the north of the area on the way to Karatara. The smoke moving towards the houses is not a big concern, but the issue is in the vicinity of the smoking logs. The GRDM Air Quality Management Unit has been informed of the possible health threat and will accordingly attend to the situation.

A lot of smoke on the northern line of the valley, but it is not a big concern because it is within the fire break. Biggest concern is that fire is burning along the R340 Road (Wittedrift Road). Firefighting resources are focused on containing the wildfire in the area. – Bitou FMU 3 Buffels in assistance.

The fire is a concern for the JOC at the moment. A crew has been deployed to the NMU Saasveld area. 

Wildfire mostly under control and quiet. Teams worked on two ends so that it would not end up at the Homtini River. The line to the Homtini River has been secured. One started at Kraaibosch and the other at the power lines.  About an hour ago two teams who worked towards one another, met each other where the two fire lines met.  There are three teams at the scene – a chopper is currently bombing the fireline. Heavy smoke is moving towards the area from a plantation.

A few flare-ups and hotspots have occurred – teams are struggling to contain them.  A bomber will try to clear the area. These are no new fires; only flare-ups. Crew members are attending to three hotspots to contain the wildfire. The ACSA Firefighting team and 14 Concordia WoF firefighters are currently protecting the Water Works.

Issued by Garden Route DM JOC
Emergency Call Centre – 044-805 5071

Garden Route District Fire Update 2018/11/01 @ 13:00


It has been confirmed that 35 families have been displaced since the fires started 19 homes have been completely destroyed, 16 homes have been partially destroyed.

Families affected are from the Beervlei and Farleigh (Knysna municipal area).

Issued by Garden Route District Municipality JOC

Issued George Municipality, 1st November @11h45

There are teams continuing with mopping up of urban interface fire lines (borders of mountain/town). The public to please note there will continue to be periodic flareups and continuous smouldering fires creating smoke. The Garden Route Disaster Management Centre is continuously monitoring and tracking all fires. Intensive mopping up will continue for the rest of today.

De Vlugt
Several hotspots, crews worked throughout the night to contain the lines and do mopping. Two choppers dispatched to this area @ 10h40 today.

Water supply to NMMU/Saasveld remains off due to the pipes that reach NMMU reservoir being melted. George Municipality is trucking water to the reservoir.
FM Tower line to be replaced as completely destroyed.
Saasveld has individual spots with power outages.

Temperature predictions for today minimum 12 degrees and maximum 21 degrees.
Wind direction South Westerly direction into the afternoon. The wind direction will change tonight at about 10pm which will cause smoke to collect over town area of George.

Please note cellphone reception and internet lines have been affected throughout the Garden Route District by infrastructure damage.
Injured wild animals noted in urban areas of George and surrounds to please be reported to CapeNature on 044 8025300.

George SPCA Emergency can be contacted on 082 378 7384 for domestic animals.

Contact George Municipality on 044 8016311 for Fire Emergencies (All Hours) / Water 044 8019262 Work Hours / Electrical Services 044 8019222 Work Hours


Contact Garden Route District Municipality Disaster Centre on 044 805 5071

Issued George Municipality

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