Caledon Street Rehabilitation and Upgrade

The contractor will be applying the BTB layer to the road that has been primed tomorrow, 1 November 2018 and will be continuing until Friday, 2 November 2018.  This is likely to extend into the night.

There will be large machinery and construction vehicles busy on Caledon Street tomorrow and Friday, and road users are requested to proceed with caution.

The stop and go from the Botanical Garden side has been moved to Darling Street to make it shorter and safer for traffic.  Road users are requested to please adhere to the cautions that are required and exercise patience.  There have been a number of issues where road users are ignoring the instructions, signage and speed restrictions and are putting lives in danger.

Please be aware of the following:

  • The contractor has been experiencing vandalism of his signage, either being stolen, deliberately damaged, driven over or moved.  The contractor is endeavouring to keep the signs in place for safety.  If anybody knows of or has seen people vandalising the signs, please contact us so that we can take the necessary action.
  • The concerns regarding the stop/go and flag men are being addressed, and continued attention is being given to ensure the safety of the motorists using Caledon Street and the flag men.
  • We urge residents and business owners to please proceed with caution during the roadworks.
  • Please note that the roadworks are weather dependant.

Your continued support and patience is appreciated during this time.

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