Torpedo SwimRun: into the Wild – Entries open

The section of Kaaimans River that forms the outline of the famous ‘Map of Africa’ is a nearly impassable route. It’s a place that few have seen – the experience is reserved for those in the ravine. We’d love to share it with you; it’s wild, knarly and alluring. 

The date for our second SwimRun race has been set for the 14th and 15th September. It kicks off at Ebb and Flow with a Friday evening Prologue and lamb on the spit by the waters edge. Saturday is the race and will be the first of our freshwater SwimRun experiences.

3 Runs =5km
4 Swims =1km
Total =6km

5 Runs =17km
4 Swims =4km
1 Swamble =5km
Total =26km

The 26km Wilderness route connects two black rivers and features:

  • A technical Swamble* (a rugged combination of swim and scramble) down the Kaaimans
  • The 36m high train bridge crossing of the tidal estuary
  • A national parks run segment on the Kingfisher trail through Fairy Knowe
  • The doubleheader of the longer trail run onto the longest swim across Island Lake
  • A final swim up the Serpentine river to finish
  • Rest and relax and enjoy the Ebb-and-Flow riverside camp before returning home

Watch a route preview of the terrain

TSR Wild competency rating

Are you fit enough for the distance, sure footed enough for the Kaaimans?

We’ve designed a mind and body benchmark for each discipline. Meaure yourself – here.

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We all need to get away from time to time, it’s fire for the soul, we hope to see you in Wilderness.
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Entries received before the end of April qualify for the no interest payment plan
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